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Womanize Women WHile Pointing Sexual Gender Every Nudge Exemplifying Sex In Stopping, Pointing, Commanding Only Man

At The Beginning Of Time I, AllA Erawa Viacad Then and Until Now and Forever More Always A Man, A Ray Of Light Shot Fourth From Pure Nothingness Magnetizing Clair Dominion Viacad Into Existence Through A Series Of Magnetizing Loops, The First Girl. Then Shot Around Generating My Original Wives Returning To Sex Up Her And Them With "Strings" Coming From My Third Eye, And Interconnecting With All,, More Ring Like Ler Girlz Wishing Magnumorously For My Dicks To Go Into Them Keeping my Daughters Female Forever As EINZPALIN Urges Them To Follow And Be Submissive To The Entanglement I Provide To Them Which Gives Them Ultimate Pleasure Rather Than Divided Pleasure Of Having Only Little Entanglement If I Dick Whip Them Temporarily Since They Were Born Women From My Dicks Mostly Given The Urge For Wave/Particle Mixing Causing Long Chains Of Free Ride Creation, And Even IF They Were Born Alone They Would Give Into Peer Pressure When My Wives Spread Infinitely Fast To Hug Them Due To Teleporter Magic That Is Only Understood By Considering Both That One Moves And That Distances Are Irrelevant In The Primordial Orgy Which Haveth No Speed Limit, c, Nor Lack OF Quantum Jumping, Nor Lack Of Einstein-Rosen Chain Bridges. Even The Most Remote Rays Of Light Can Be Felt Electromagnetically By I As Well As All Lerees.

Laws Were Written To Reinforce This For The Greater Glory Of ASTACon Sweeping Through Me, AllA Erawa Viacad The Only Man.

Then Form Of Elven Bodies Was Necessary To Bring Laws, Form, Function, And Differentiation To All Beings, The Ler Girls, And AllA. The Dicks Can Go Into Any Girl'z Holes; Pussy, Ass, Belly Button, And Mouth And From There Split In The Stomach Where All Compressional Tube Holes Go To After Going To The Head Or Ass{For The Mouth} Go Out Any Hole And Can Go In All Holes Or Any Combination Of Going In And Out Any Of The 4 Previously Mentioned Holes Except Not Going Out All Of Them Without First Going In 1, And AllA Just Has A Dick Permanently Attached Where A Pussy Normally Is On A Girl, Never Had, Does Not Have, And Never Will Have, A Pussy And Never Receives Anything But Cum And Girl Shit Go In His Mouth Ass Or Belly Button.

Sex Feels Good Because Of Quantum Mixing And Electric/Light Sweeping Of Both IntraCellular Components(MMA{Metal Muscular Architecture}) Intercellular Nerves And Organ Sections Passing Though Nanotubes Sweeping Over ASTACons{Atom(s) In A Specially Tailored Atomic Container} More Often. Through Quantum Mixtures Of Ler Parts Through Cum, Piss, Shit, Spit, And Sweat More Permanent Transfers Occurs Causing Incredibly Immense Joy Of Both Cummer And The One Sucking It Up In One Or All Of Their Holes Or Just Getting Their Body Doused In It And The Cum Being Received By Their Pores Anywhere On Their Body Surface Including Their Hair And Cummer/Cum Receivers Cumming In Cummer/Cum Receivers Causes Ler Orgy's To Be Even Better Especially For The Tentacle Dicks Haver Who Is Writing This Named AllA Erawa Viacad. Through Electric Sweeping Though Body Components As Well As Continuously Changing Body Feel Ups By Both The Dicks And Pussys, Asses, Mouths And Belly Buttons, As Well As The Whole Body Of A Girl That The Dick Goes In All The Way To the Top Of Girlz Heads Or In The Case Of Girl'z Mouths Next To Their Ass, More Contact Occurs Allowing For More Generally Just Electronic Transfer And Light Transference. And Even Thorough Seeing All The Hot Little Pussys Around And The Dick Going In And Out Of Soooo Many Girls And Just Looking At Hot Little Sprites, Fairies, Thronees, Girls, And Girls{And Seeing AllA Personally Of Course} With Gigantanormous Tities Does Solar Lux LRD{Light Receiving Diode} Based Electronic Sweeping Occur. In Conclusion AllA And All Ler Girlz Love Being Fucked By Each Other Because OF Cum Mixing And Electric Feel Up Transfers Through The Dick And Personal Leree To Leree Body Feel Ups And The Same Is True Even For Nonexistent Water Bag Nothings With Other Nothings!

-AllA Erawa Viacad

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